Recycling from site

We design in existing materials and plants from site to create interesting elements like cairns, sculpture and gabion filling.


Green roofs/walls

The implementation of green walls and green roofs can add a place to grow herbs and year round interest to even the smallest gardens.


Habitat creation

We create maximum biodiversity within planting schemes and enourage wildlife and also building places for wildlife to shelter in the form of log piles/bug hotels, cairns and bird boxes.



We educate in composting, caring for the garden in a natural way, using permaculture philosophy, and making the most of your garden!


Ethical sourcing

We use local craftsmen and materials to reduce our carbon footprint and supporting small businesses.


Edible planting

Growing your own food helps improve your life in many ways, with health benefits, food waste reduction, fun, saving money on groceries, and reducing environmental impacts of growing without the use of pesticides.


Sustainable drainage

SuDS helps by storing runoff and releasing it slowly and allowing water to soak into the ground in the form of wetland with draught resitant planting to combat flooding problems.


Wildflower meadows

A native wildlife meadow creates amazing plant diversity to attract insects,birds, and mammals. With a changing palate of colour throughout the seasons they also add a huge aethetic value. Even small plots of wildflower planting in an urban space can bring a little piece of countryside into the town.